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Pauls’ funeral

My uncle Paul died on March 9th, so I headed down to California for the services. This is Paul and Debbie at Cari’s wedding in Utah in October.

Paul was buried at the Oakmont Cemetery. It was a warm sunny day.

We think this was the first time the 24 cousins have been together. We think Jacob wasn’t born the last time we were together.

Jacob and I are the bookend cousins. This was at the family lunch after the memorial service on Saturday.

Shalene and I drove down together from Oregon to California. We had a great time. This is at Russ and Sue’s house after the burial on Friday night.

We found a little time to hang out and be Smith boys.

We spent some time at the rope swing in Pleasant Hill being awesome. It was a sad occasion, but it was a great opportunity to see family.

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I drove to Medford on Wednesday for a training meeting. The ABS light came on two weeks ago, and I wasn’t able to determine what was happening. The Explorer made a horrible noise on the way home, but I couldn’t see any broken parts. I limped home, then went to Tire Pros to have it checked. Rick called me later in the day and asked us to come look at the damage.  The bearings were completely missing.img_2396


The brake caliper was rubbing on the rotor.


The tire buffed the support arm and wore down to the tire to the steel cables.

Rick said there was no way I should have made it to Medford and back in that condition. He was convinced the wheel should have fallen off and killed me on I-5. Jaxon prayed that morning that I would be safe going to work. I had the thought to kiss DeLana in case I died. For some reason I am here to fight another day.

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Provo City Center Temple open house

We went to the open house for the Provo City Center Temple tonight. It was converted from the tabernacle after the fire in December 2010. It is a beautiful building. It style resembles a 100 year old building and the stained glass is gorgeous. We could definitely feel God’s love while we were there.image

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High Priest

Today my dad ordained me a High Priest.  This is outside our new Stake Center.

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Payton Temple open house

We went to the Payson Temple open house on Thursday night. It was nice for the kids to see rooms they won’t be in for several years. House of The Lord.image

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Mason’s first Temple trip

Mason and I went to the Draper Temple for his first time doing baptisms for the dead.  He found five family names using Family Search, so he did the work for them today.  We finished the morning by getting a donut and donating platelets at ARUP.

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Our first Deacon

I ordained Mason as a Deacon today. I can’t believe he is already 12. We collected fast offerings, then had lunch with the family.image

Dad, Mason and Steve.

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An unexpected trip

A sad occasion took us to St. George this weekend. Our friends lost their 13 year old son and we felt it was important to be there to support them. We miss you BH.   After the service and luncheon we decided to go to Snow Canyon.  This is us below the names on Pioneer Names trail.image

This is on Petrified Dunes.

Another shot on Petrified Dunes.image

We stopped at the petting zoo in Scipio on the way home so the kids could see the camel.image

St. George is quickly becoming a favorite spot for our children. They might love it as much as I do. The funeral gave us a chance to connect with friends, talk about priorities and spend time together as a family. I could feel God’s love as we heard stories and shared memories about BH, and remembered what a great kid he was. I could also feel His love as I took the time to quietly gaze on the magnificence of his creations, and know that He did all of this for us.

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General Conference Priesthood session last night

Back row: Cory, Kevin, Craig, Grandpa, Steve, Ryan, Kev and Reed.

Front row:  Wyatt, Tanner, Jeff and Mason.


Me and Mason at the Conference Center.image

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Girls Camp- the crown jewel

Monday night I was able to go to Heber Girls Camp and meet my wife and two daughters. It was Raven’s fourth year and Sidnee’s first year at camp. Heber Camp is a special place, and it was great to be back there.

On Tuesday I did the hike with Sidnee and the other first year girls.  After the hike our girls went to the challenge course.  This is Raven on the zip line platform.  She had climbed up a cargo net and walked across a balance bridge to get here.Raven- zip line platform 2

This is Sidnee transitioning from the cargo net to the balance bridge. I got to see her do the zip line right before I had to leave for the overnight hike with Raven and the other fourth year girls. Sid- balance bridge

The overnight hike was a pretty tough climb, but the girls did well. We ate tinfoil dinners, and I slept in my hammock. We saw two spiked deer on the way back to camp the next morning.

On Wednesday the girls went to the lake and got to play in the canoes.

Thursday I spent the morning in the kitchen helping with breakfast, wearing my cape and quoting movies. It was fun to goof around with Trish, Brittany and the other women.

A great thing about Heber Camp is the wildlife. I saw multiple deer most days. On the way out I saw a doe with a young baby on the side of the road.

Today several of the girls were asked to share their testimonies. Many of them had great experiences with quiet time in the woods. It was inspiring to hear how several of them came to better understand the Atonement and that God loves them and is aware of them. I feel like Girls Camp is the crown jewel of the youth activities in the LDS faith, and I’m glad I can be a part of it.

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