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Hammocks at Susan Creek Falls

Harbor Freight just opened in Roseburg, so Mason, Jaxon and I got some glow-in-the-dark rope for our hammocks. We continued our quest to explore new waterfalls, hiking just under a mile to Susan Creek Falls. This is just passed Tioga bridge, which is one of our favorite spots. We set up our hammocks close to the waterfall. We wished he had a fire and some hot dogs, but it was fun to relax and listen to the water. Hammocks were our Christmas experience, and everyone seemed to like it. We will be adding more pictures and the year progresses and we explore other areas.img_2345

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Polar bear swim

Sidnee, Mason Jaxon and I did a polar bear swim at Colliding Rivers boat ramp.  It was 34• F.

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It is almost 2017, and customary to reflect on the end of the current year. “Change” would be our theme, and we were able to do some great things.

-Snowboard with Mason at Sundance
-Raven’s St. George softball tournament
-Riding JEM and Bearclaw Poppy with Mason and Jaxon
-Provo City Center Temple open house
-Riding at Trailside in Park City with Mason and Jaxon
-Anniversary Inn in SLC
-Raven graduated high school
-Cascade Springs and Squaw Peak
-Roseburg, Oregon trip to visit the Clark’s
-Cavitt Creek swim hole
-Heceta lighthouse in Florence, Oregon
-Moving to Roseburg, Oregon
-Tioga bridge
-Colliding Rivers
-Mountain biking and hiking the North Umpqua Trail
-Seeing Megan Asregadoo before she finished her mission
-Bandon Beach with the Hull’s
-Fathers and sons outing at Steamboat
-Sidnee’s 16th birthday
-Going back to Utah for Cari’s wedding
-Adventure day with Jeff K
-Seeing the elk herd near Singleton Road
-Feeding Nash’s animals
-Having Raven come home for Christmas
-Fish tacos at Bandon Beach
-Swimming in the ocean with Raven at Bandon Beach

It was stressful at times, especially moving to a new area, but it has been a year full of growth and new experiences.

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Beach day

Raven wanted to take Max and Bay to the ocean since they have never been there. Bay loves to stick her head out the window.img_2061

Sidnee bought me a fish taco and Fish & Chips Chowder Shack. It was really good.img_2069

This is a bench on the pier. Max is our black male and Bay is the chocolate female.img_2077

Raven and I are brave.  It was 42 F outside.img_2143

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Adventure day with Jeff K

Jeff K and I went on a manly adventure on Tuesday. It’s Saturday, but I’ve been a little preoccupied this week. We took the logging road above Cavitt Creek. We found ice on the rocks before we hit the snowline.img_1757

This is the lake with no name.img_1764

This is the frozen lake near Red Top before we dropped down to Myrtle Creek. It was a manly day filled with chainsaw action, grouse and broken snow chains.img_1768

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North Umpqua Trail at Swiftwater

I tried a new section of the North Umpqua Trail system yesterday.  This section is seven miles from the house.  The trail was really smooth, so Mason and Jaxon should like it.  I saw this tree on the way back.  I don’t have the luxury of riding from the house like I did in Eagle Mountain, but the scenery is worth the compromise.



This is Fern Falls.  There are several waterfalls along the North Umpqua Trail.  I look forward to seeing this one in the Spring.


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Yesterday I took my boys to Trailside in Park City.  We rode the wood features, dirt jump line, Bronto Jam and Mr. Muchrocks.  This is my run on Bamm Bamm.  I did it a few years ago on my Cannondale Gemini, but this was my first time on my Fezzari Nebo Peak.  It’s a fun place to ride.





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Another Johnny Utah

We went to Momentum in Lehi for Jaxon’s Christmas present. We climbed for three hours, then went to ARUP to donate platelets. We ate a ton of wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, watched a basketball game and went back to Momentum to climb for another 90 minutes. We did some harder sections tonight. Jaxon did really well. We had a fun, manly day.image

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Johnny Utah

I took Mason to Sundance to learn to snowboard for his Christmas present. He did well. This is him going through Butch’s Cabin.  We took a snowboard lesson from Nick for 2.5 hours, took a break for lunch, then hit the slopes seven more times.  It was a blast.

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Pinterest Rocket Stove

I had the day off so I made this Rocket Stove I found on Pinterest. I used a #10 can, a 28 oz can, a 14.5 oz can and attic insulation.  Step #1 was to cut out a hole in the #10 can.RS1

Step #2 was to cut a hole in the 28 oz can that goes inside the #10 can.

Step #3 was to cut the bottom off the 14.5 oz can.RS3
Step #4 was to cut flaps in the #10 can.
Step #5 was to cut slits in the 14.5 oz can that runs horizontally through the other two cans.  The piece on the left is a shelf to feed tinder and provide oxygen.
Step #6 was to cut a circle in a #10 can lid.  It holds the insulation around the 28 oz can and allows the fire to escape.

Step #7 was to fit the 14.5 oz can through the #10 can and the 28 oz can.RS8
Step #8 was to pack insulation between the #10 and 28 oz can, place the #10 lid and bend a few tabs over to hold the lid in place.

Step #9 was to place the shelf in the horizontal can.  Tinder goes on the top, and oxygen flows through the bottom.  The hole I cut in the #10 lid was too big, which is why you can see the insulation.  I need to do a better of of cutting the tabs next time, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.RS10

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