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Penguin drawing

My daughter drew this for me for Christmas. It’s (24)

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The Office series finale

the office

I watched the series finale of The Office this weekend. It was sad to see one of my favorite shows go, but the writers did a good job of tying things off. Dwight and Angela ended up together. Dwight ended up as the Regional Manager. Jim and Pam got back on track. Jim got his dream job and his family. Erin found her parents. Ryan and Kelley deserve each other. Stanley got to retire. Andy ended up at Cornell. And Michael got his family plan.  And I cried a little bit.  I think I’m getting soft in my old age.

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Fireman’s helmet

photo (41)

When I was a kid my uncle gave me a fireman’s helmet.  I don’t know where he got it, but it was young enough that it was really heavy on my head, and I loved it.  I don’t know what ever happened to it, but it was one of my favorite things as a kid.

Last week I was at Marcus and Terri’s house when I saw his fireman’s helmet on display in his front room.  He let me try it on and I told him the story.  A few days later he sent one home with my wife after she picked up the kids.  It is still super cool.

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Art of Shaving lemon shaving cream

Art of shaving lemon
I went to Las Vegas with Ben, Susan, Shawn and Jill about five years ago. Ben, Shawn and I went to Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave. That was a cool experience. I am embarrassed to say a woman had to teach me how to shave my face, but Carol was great. She had worked in a barber shop in Chicago for close to 20 years, so she knew what she was talking about. I bought a starter kit, which included a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave. I replaced that shaving brush a few months ago at Christmas. My starter kit actually came with sandalwood products, but I bought the lemon cream last year and I love it. There is something cool about using a brush to shave, and it does give you a better shave.

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Leatherman PST & PST II

Before I moved to Utah I came to visit for the weekend.  I was in Provo visiting with my friend Jeff when he said he needed to borrow Bevan’s Leatherman to fix his shoe.  It was about 1994 and I didn’t know what a Leatherman was.  I hadn’t even heard the term before.  Once I saw one I was immediately impressed.  Add a 25 year warranty and I was beside myself.  Before I moved to Utah in January 1995, Kip bought me a Leatherman PST for Christmas. I still have it and I still love it.  I have since added the PST II, which has a serrated blade.  Both the PST and the PST II have since be retired, but they are the original models for me and I prefer them over current models.

Yesterday I used my PST II to cut thick zip ties on a memory foam bundles at Mattress Land.  I didn’t want to risk using a knife and potentially cutting the foam, so I inserted the pliers and used the wire cutters.  It worked very well.  I have recently started to carry my Leatherman with me again on a daily basis, and you just can’t beat the size and convenience of the tool.  In my opinion it is far superior to other brands.

I don’t remember how or where I got this, and I don’t think it is made anymore, but I love this ratchet kit that attaches to the PST and PST II.  It adjusts and locks in place at 45, 90, and 180 degree angles, and has the bit tips I need the most.  I also carry this with me everyday.

Leatherman makes a fantastic product with an outstanding warranty, and I highly recommend them.  They are one of my favorite things.

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Keen Targhee II hiking boots

I haven’t had a pair of hiking boots for over 15 years. I have been using running shoes to hike in the foothills around my house and hike in Yosemite and Timpanogos.  Last week I decided that I needed a pair of hiking boots for work this winter.  I will be outside unloading mattress trucks and making mattress deliveries, and my Sketchers aren’t going to cut it in the rain and snow.  I went to Cabela’s and found these Keen Targhee II hiking boots.  This morning I took them out for a hike to see how they would do.  This is on top of the Flintstone mountain bike trail.


These boots seem to have a great combination of traction, stiffness, ankle support, and weight. They are waterproof, which I haven’t tested yet, but so far I was really impressed with them. The sales associate at Cabela’s was very helpful, and helped me narrow down the selection quickly. I look forward to many more hikes this winter, and a trip up Timpanogos in the near future. This are my boots after the hike in the driveway.

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My bike rules

My bike rules. I took two of my kids and my dog for a leisure ride this evening. I got this bike a few years ago after I had surgery and the doctor told me I couldn’t mountain bike for a year. Unacceptable. I bought it for the cool frame and sweet ape hanger handle bars. It’s hard to see in this picture, but I added blue dice valve stem covers. It is fun to ride because it reminds me of riding a bike as a kid. My bike rules.

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Casio G-Shock

 Casio G-Shock watches rule.  I bought my first G-Shock in 1995 or 1996.  I was looking for a tough watch to wear mountain biking so I could at least track my riding time after my bike computer died.  I started to look at the Ironman, but that didn’t seem like it could take the abuse I was expecting on my rides.  Someone told me to look at the G-Shock, and I have owned one ever since.  I use the black DW-6900 for workouts, and the silver MTG 900 for times when I need to look professional.  Both watches can take a beating.  The silver watch is solar and receives an atomic signal from Colorado every night to keep it accurate.

I was talking to my friend Marty a few weeks ago when I noticed he had a G-Shock.  Then I realized that every person I’ve met who wears a Casio G-Shock is cool.  I’ve never met a jerk wearing a G-Shock.

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Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale

I just drank my last Thomas Kemper Ginger Ale from my Christmas stash.  I was working the graveyard shift the first time I had this soda.  It took me half the bottle to decide that I liked it, and I haven’t found a ginger ale that I like better.  One of the reasons I like this one so much is that it has a bold taste that knocks you on your butt.  It isn’t watered down like most brands.  And it has a hint of honey.  Sweetness.

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Rustico leather journal

 I attended the Big Business & Technology Expo at UVU on Thursday.  I came across a company called Rustico that makes fine leather products.  I used my barcode scanner to scan the QR Code and Like them on Facebook, thereby receiving this small leather journal.  It has a leather strap closure and a lighter piece of leather that holds a golf pencil.  The pages are hand sown in three different sections on paper that resembles parchment paper.  It is a unique item, and I plan on using it for recording my inspiration.

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