Road trips

Off to college

Sidnee and I drove all night Thursday to get to Utah. This is what fishing looks like when you don’t sleep all night.

Guess who caught the only fish.

I was able to do an endowment session with Raven and Bryon in the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday.

I took Sidnee around BYU campus on Sunday and showed her around, pointing out things that may have “allegedly” happened many years ago.

Sidnee got us matching socks at Old Navy while she was applying for a job. That’s dangerous.

I was able to have lunch with Sidnee, Raven and Bryon before flying out Monday. It was a short trip, but very memorable. It’s hard to have her gone, but I know she is where she needs to be, and she has a great support system close at hand.


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Raven’s wedding

It’s hard to believe we have reached this point, but we traveled to Utah for Raven’s wedding. This is us before Raven took out her endowments at the Draper Temple.

Outside the Salt Lake Temple on the west side.


I was asked to choose the father/daughter dance song. I chose It Won’t Be Like This For Long by Darius Rucker. It has always reminded me of how fast Raven has grown up. We are excited and relieved that Raven found a great guy in Bryon. And she has great in-laws. It was fun to get to know them.

This trip was also a time to see old friends and spend time with family. It gave us time to reflect and evaluate what we need to change individually and as a family. This week was full of many great memories.

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Pauls’ funeral

My uncle Paul died on March 9th, so I headed down to California for the services. This is Paul and Debbie at Cari’s wedding in Utah in October.

Paul was buried at the Oakmont Cemetery. It was a warm sunny day.

We think this was the first time the 24 cousins have been together. We think Jacob wasn’t born the last time we were together.

Jacob and I are the bookend cousins. This was at the family lunch after the memorial service on Saturday.

Shalene and I drove down together from Oregon to California. We had a great time. This is at Russ and Sue’s house after the burial on Friday night.

We found a little time to hang out and be Smith boys.

We spent some time at the rope swing in Pleasant Hill being awesome. It was a sad occasion, but it was a great opportunity to see family.

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An unexpected trip

A sad occasion took us to St. George this weekend. Our friends lost their 13 year old son and we felt it was important to be there to support them. We miss you BH.   After the service and luncheon we decided to go to Snow Canyon.  This is us below the names on Pioneer Names trail.image

This is on Petrified Dunes.

Another shot on Petrified Dunes.image

We stopped at the petting zoo in Scipio on the way home so the kids could see the camel.image

St. George is quickly becoming a favorite spot for our children. They might love it as much as I do. The funeral gave us a chance to connect with friends, talk about priorities and spend time together as a family. I could feel God’s love as we heard stories and shared memories about BH, and remembered what a great kid he was. I could also feel His love as I took the time to quietly gaze on the magnificence of his creations, and know that He did all of this for us.

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Fruita wrap up

We woke up to rain yesterday morning. We tried to wait it out but it got worse. It was still a fantastic road trip. Great trails, no mechanical problems and no accidents.Agent Peck returning his rental bike.
Our hotel. Thanks Mike Both’s dad.
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Fruita links

Click here to see a link to Tim’s Garmin GPS recording for our ride yesterday.

Click here to see a link for our ride today.

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Fruita part 2

Agent Peck joined us late last night so he could ride with us today and tomorrow. We dropped on to Mary’s Loop, then went counter-clockwise on Steve’s Loop. We got back on Mary’s Loop and rode out to Horse Thief Bench. That was an awesome section. We went back on Mary’s Loop and did Steve’s Loop clockwise. I felt sick at the beginning of the ride because I ate and drank too much, but I felt great for most of the ride. We put down 18 miles today. This picture is the Colorado River from Steve’s Loop.

This is Tim and Mike overlooking the Colorado River on Horse Thief Bench.

This is me and Agent Peck on Horse Thief Bench.

This was taken on Steve’s Loop overlooking the lower section of the same trail.

This is Mike Both’s bike in the shower of the hotel.

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Mike Both, Tim Shaw and I came down to Fruita, Colorado this morning. It is so beautiful here. We rode up Prime Rib, down Joe’s Ridge, then cut up Kessel. We rode down Prime Rib, up the road and down Kessel. After a 10 minute break we braved the heavy winds to go down Zippity Do Dah. We were losing daylight so we came down Kessel again.

This picture is Tim and Mike as we were climbing Prime Rib.
Me on Joe’s Ridge.
Mike and me on Joe’s Ridge.,-108.701962&spn=0.028001,0.014935&output=embed

View 4.21.11 Thursday Fruita in a larger map
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