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Leatherman PST & PST II

Before I moved to Utah I came to visit for the weekend.  I was in Provo visiting with my friend Jeff when he said he needed to borrow Bevan’s Leatherman to fix his shoe.  It was about 1994 and I didn’t know what a Leatherman was.  I hadn’t even heard the term before.  Once I saw one I was immediately impressed.  Add a 25 year warranty and I was beside myself.  Before I moved to Utah in January 1995, Kip bought me a Leatherman PST for Christmas. I still have it and I still love it.  I have since added the PST II, which has a serrated blade.  Both the PST and the PST II have since be retired, but they are the original models for me and I prefer them over current models.

Yesterday I used my PST II to cut thick zip ties on a memory foam bundles at Mattress Land.  I didn’t want to risk using a knife and potentially cutting the foam, so I inserted the pliers and used the wire cutters.  It worked very well.  I have recently started to carry my Leatherman with me again on a daily basis, and you just can’t beat the size and convenience of the tool.  In my opinion it is far superior to other brands.

I don’t remember how or where I got this, and I don’t think it is made anymore, but I love this ratchet kit that attaches to the PST and PST II.  It adjusts and locks in place at 45, 90, and 180 degree angles, and has the bit tips I need the most.  I also carry this with me everyday.

Leatherman makes a fantastic product with an outstanding warranty, and I highly recommend them.  They are one of my favorite things.

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Keen Targhee II hiking boots

I haven’t had a pair of hiking boots for over 15 years. I have been using running shoes to hike in the foothills around my house and hike in Yosemite and Timpanogos.  Last week I decided that I needed a pair of hiking boots for work this winter.  I will be outside unloading mattress trucks and making mattress deliveries, and my Sketchers aren’t going to cut it in the rain and snow.  I went to Cabela’s and found these Keen Targhee II hiking boots.  This morning I took them out for a hike to see how they would do.  This is on top of the Flintstone mountain bike trail.


These boots seem to have a great combination of traction, stiffness, ankle support, and weight. They are waterproof, which I haven’t tested yet, but so far I was really impressed with them. The sales associate at Cabela’s was very helpful, and helped me narrow down the selection quickly. I look forward to many more hikes this winter, and a trip up Timpanogos in the near future. This are my boots after the hike in the driveway.

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Happy birthday Raquel Welch

Today is Raquel Welch’s 72nd birthday. She has been on my list since I was a teenager. I think she is who convinced me that older women rule, which is why I choose like I did. You don’t even qualify her with “looks good for her age.” “Looks great” will do. Born the same year as Chuck Norris. Coincidence?  I don’t think so.

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My cool birthday cake

DeLana had Abby Isaacson make my birthday cake as a surprise. The only instructions were to use mint flavoring and have a penguin theme.  Abby used 12 cupcakes and tons of mint frosting for the snow.  The penguins were made of fondant, and I am keeping them to add to my collection.

Abby did a great job on creating the penguins.  I can’t believe the detail on each one.  She did a fantastic job.

An awesome birthday cake, blueberry pancakes for lunch, BBQ with friends for dinner, chocolate, gift certificates and a nap. What a great birthday.

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Bacon maple cupcake

We went to Sugar Rush to try the bacon maple cupcake. I was a little skeptical, and the lemon cupcake was tempting me, but I went for it. It was worth it. I will definitely get it again.


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I bought an iPad a few months ago, and started my experience with Apple products. We found out today that we could upgrade our phones with Verizon, and anyone who doesn’t upgrade in the next two days will lose unlimited data. We had been grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan, so we had a short window to make it all happen. In considering which phone to buy, the ability to sync with my iPad was a major factor for me. I couldn’t think of a compelling reason to choose Android over the ability to sync, so I went with the iPhone 4S. Ideally I would have waited for the new iPhone, but that window was closing quickly and I didn’t want to mess with changing cell providers. I think I am going to love this phone.

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Blowgun Alley

This is the blowgun target range my youngest son set up this evening. He had been bugging me for two days to shoot blowguns, so he went out and set this up near our garden.  He pulled the wood from our wood pile and stuck them between the cinder blocks, then added the bottles.  Awesome.

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My bike rules

My bike rules. I took two of my kids and my dog for a leisure ride this evening. I got this bike a few years ago after I had surgery and the doctor told me I couldn’t mountain bike for a year. Unacceptable. I bought it for the cool frame and sweet ape hanger handle bars. It’s hard to see in this picture, but I added blue dice valve stem covers. It is fun to ride because it reminds me of riding a bike as a kid. My bike rules.

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Western Bluebird?

This is a Western Bluebird, and I believe I saw one of these in my backyard yesterday.  The bird I saw was a little bit fatter, but it had the same coloring.  I have never seen a bird like this before.  I tried to take a picture with my PHD camera, but I couldn’t zoom in close enough.  The bird was on the grass by my retaining wall near a patch of dandelions, which also made it difficult to get a picture.  I was surprised by how bright it was.

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Car show

 My daughter had a soccer game in Midvale today.  As we got off the freeway on 90th South we saw a car show at the Ford dealership.  After the game we stopped by to look at the cars.  There were some cool Mustangs, ranging from the 1960’s to recent models, as well as some cars from the 1930’s.  They also had two Shelby Cobras.  I love this car.  If I had money that I could spend on a dream car I think it would be a blue Shelby Cobra.  It is a cool looking car, and you don’t see very many on the road.  It’s impractical, which is what makes it a dream car.  I would love to drive this car at an illegal speed.

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