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My boys and I went to Marty’s to make charcloth.  I hadn’t heard of it until about two weeks ago.  We made the charcloth on the BBQ and started a fire with flint and steel.  It was manly and I pounded my chest.

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2014 was a good year

I have been horrible and blogging for the last six months, but I wanted to wrap up a few things.  I feels like 2014 was a turning point.  I decided to focus on being positive and trying new things, which led to some great things.  I went back to E*Trade and was promoted to the Stock Plans team.  I spent a lot of time being quiet and listening.  I had a goal to try or accomplish 12 new things.  I think I hit 37.  Here they are:

Oscillating spindle sander
Japanese pull saw
Lathe project- ice cream scoop
Swim with nurse sharks
Play marbles
Coyote hunting
Conquistador facial hair
Drug bust assist
Red Lobster’s Lobsterfest (Lobster Lovers Dream)
Waxed mustache
Giving up something for Lent- energy drinks
Wood berm on Juniper downhill trail
Drive to end of Ophir Canyon
Camping in Ophir Canyon
Cutting a basketball in half
Run a 5k
Book end ordinances in the same day- baptisms and sealings
Concert at Silver Lake ampitheater- Nashville Tribute Band
Ride a Harley
Ride a Vespa
Shoot a Beretta FS
Ride at The Canyons
Ride a huge ferris wheel-  Lagoon
Sliding Rock in Alpine
Caveman cooking- egg in a pepper, hamburger in onion, biscuit in orange peel
Join a book club
Join a Fantasy Football league
Ride at Trailside in Park City
Make a slingshot
Wear a mustache for one year
Work in Stock Plans
Blue Velvet cupcake
Shoot a crossbow
Ride a 27.5″ tire mountain
Wear a beard
Make a bike bracelet

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Lunch just got better

imageMy daughter got this for me at Powell’s Sweet Shoppe.  Lunch now tastes better.

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Dollar Shave Club

DSCI joined the Dollar Shave Club over a week ago, and have been waiting impatiently for my razor to arrive. Our friend walked up the street to visit my wife and saw a package on the ground several doors down leaning against a mailbox. It was my razor. I wonder why the Postal Service is bankrupt. Maybe because they hire imcompetent people? I digress.  It was perfect timing because I needed to shave my face and head.  The razor was really nice, and at four cartridges for $6/month, you can’t beat it.  I switched from the Gillette Mach 3 to the Schick Hydra because of cost.  This is an even better option.  And their commercial is awesome.

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GoPro action

I’ve been sick for two weeks, so I haven’t been able to ride during my Christmas break. Today I took my new GoPro out to test it and get the dogs outside. This is from my chest rig.

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Art of Shaving lemon shaving cream

Art of shaving lemon
I went to Las Vegas with Ben, Susan, Shawn and Jill about five years ago. Ben, Shawn and I went to Art of Shaving for a straight razor shave. That was a cool experience. I am embarrassed to say a woman had to teach me how to shave my face, but Carol was great. She had worked in a barber shop in Chicago for close to 20 years, so she knew what she was talking about. I bought a starter kit, which included a shaving brush, pre-shave oil, shaving cream and after shave. I replaced that shaving brush a few months ago at Christmas. My starter kit actually came with sandalwood products, but I bought the lemon cream last year and I love it. There is something cool about using a brush to shave, and it does give you a better shave.

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This rope swing is so cool!

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200 things

Yesterday sucked.  It felt like one of those days where you are crushed under the weight of the world.  A friend asked me if I was focusing on my blessings.  NO.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be so crushed.

This morning I decided I would write 200 things that I am thankful for, broken down by People, Experiences and Things, in that order.  I wanted things to be last since they hold the least importance.  I wanted 200 entries, but forced myself to think of 200 experiences throughout my life.  I realized I have done some pretty cool things in my life, like touring the USS Enterprise and USS Kitty Hawk aircraft carriers, cliff jumping, skating behind a truck, river boarding, doing a set of 250 push up (which I can’t do right now), three century bike rides, hiking 50 miles in under 20 hours, earning my black belt in Bushi Ban Karate, and other things.  I’ve done a lot of things most people haven’t.  I have cool people around me, and I own some cool knives and gear.  I spent over five hours working on that entry, because I wanted to use it the next time I start to feel like I did yesterday.

It was a good exercise to see what I have accomplished and what is around me.

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Awesome urban ride video

Fezzari just posted this video to Facebook, so I had to add it. I can ride like this when I play Downhill Domination on PS2.

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Benchmade seat belt cutter

I was going to write yesterday, but my heart was heavy with the trials I see with people around me. On a lighter note, I decided to write about this Benchmade seat belt cutter someone gave me last week. Thankfully I haven’t been stuck in a burning car, forced to act quickly with my new toy before my skin melts off. But I was unpacking boxes at work and had to cut nylon banding, and thought this tool would work perfectly. And it did. It cut right through the banding like it wasn’t there. It’s flat and easy to carry in a back pocket, but that could make it difficult to reach in a real emergency.  Accessibility would be the key to deployment, but once that is done it would easily cut right through the belt. I hadn’t thought about buying one before now, but it is a handy tool for a specific purpose.

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