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Hammocks at Susan Creek Falls

Harbor Freight just opened in Roseburg, so Mason, Jaxon and I got some glow-in-the-dark rope for our hammocks. We continued our quest to explore new waterfalls, hiking just under a mile to Susan Creek Falls. This is just passed Tioga bridge, which is one of our favorite spots. We set up our hammocks close to the waterfall. We wished he had a fire and some hot dogs, but it was fun to relax and listen to the water. Hammocks were our Christmas experience, and everyone seemed to like it. We will be adding more pictures and the year progresses and we explore other areas.img_2345

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2016 Strava video

Here is a link to the video Strava made for my 2016 mountain bike achievements.  I use the Strava app on all my rides.

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Polar bear swim

Sidnee, Mason Jaxon and I did a polar bear swim at Colliding Rivers boat ramp.  It was 34• F.

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Snow day at Tioga bridge

We woke up to more snow this morning, so we went to Tioga bridge to check it out. Max and Bay loved it.img_2238

This is looking toward Bob’s Butte. We thought we left the snow when we left Utah, but apparently it followed us.img_2240

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