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Yesterday I took my boys to Trailside in Park City.  We rode the wood features, dirt jump line, Bronto Jam and Mr. Muchrocks.  This is my run on Bamm Bamm.  I did it a few years ago on my Cannondale Gemini, but this was my first time on my Fezzari Nebo Peak.  It’s a fun place to ride.





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Today is Raven’s birthday.  I’m not sure how it passed so quickly, but I think about her whenever I hear this song.  I’m so thankful to be sealed to my family.  Distance may come between us, but it can never separate us.

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Squaw Peak and Cascade Springs

A lot has transpired in the last few weeks. We spent time in Roseburg, Oregon and fell in love with a place that totally surprised me. I attempted to post pictures, but the technology didn’t cooperate. I’m sure we will get back to that soon. The trip reminded us of how we used to explore and wonder, so we have gotten back in to it. On Saturday I took the family to Squaw Peak. We met a guy that suggested we take a drive on the dirt road to the Rock Canyon overlook. None of us had done that before, and it was beautiful.


Yesterday we went to Cascade Springs. I used to ride the Cascade Springs trails from below Deer Creek, but we never got where we went yesterday. It was worth the drive.  As I contemplate the future I seem to have a clearer picture of what I want out of life, and most of it takes place outside, with my family.  I feel like strange things are afoot at the Circle K, and I am fine with that.


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