Pinterest Rocket Stove

I had the day off so I made this Rocket Stove I found on Pinterest. I used a #10 can, a 28 oz can, a 14.5 oz can and attic insulation.  Step #1 was to cut out a hole in the #10 can.RS1

Step #2 was to cut a hole in the 28 oz can that goes inside the #10 can.

Step #3 was to cut the bottom off the 14.5 oz can.RS3
Step #4 was to cut flaps in the #10 can.
Step #5 was to cut slits in the 14.5 oz can that runs horizontally through the other two cans.  The piece on the left is a shelf to feed tinder and provide oxygen.
Step #6 was to cut a circle in a #10 can lid.  It holds the insulation around the 28 oz can and allows the fire to escape.

Step #7 was to fit the 14.5 oz can through the #10 can and the 28 oz can.RS8
Step #8 was to pack insulation between the #10 and 28 oz can, place the #10 lid and bend a few tabs over to hold the lid in place.

Step #9 was to place the shelf in the horizontal can.  Tinder goes on the top, and oxygen flows through the bottom.  The hole I cut in the #10 lid was too big, which is why you can see the insulation.  I need to do a better of of cutting the tabs next time, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.RS10

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