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Provo City Center Temple open house

We went to the open house for the Provo City Center Temple tonight. It was converted from the tabernacle after the fire in December 2010. It is a beautiful building. It style resembles a 100 year old building and the stained glass is gorgeous. We could definitely feel God’s love while we were there.image

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Johnny Utah

I took Mason to Sundance to learn to snowboard for his Christmas present. He did well. This is him going through Butch’s Cabin.  We took a snowboard lesson from Nick for 2.5 hours, took a break for lunch, then hit the slopes seven more times.  It was a blast.

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Pinterest Rocket Stove

I had the day off so I made this Rocket Stove I found on Pinterest. I used a #10 can, a 28 oz can, a 14.5 oz can and attic insulation.  Step #1 was to cut out a hole in the #10 can.RS1

Step #2 was to cut a hole in the 28 oz can that goes inside the #10 can.

Step #3 was to cut the bottom off the 14.5 oz can.RS3
Step #4 was to cut flaps in the #10 can.
Step #5 was to cut slits in the 14.5 oz can that runs horizontally through the other two cans.  The piece on the left is a shelf to feed tinder and provide oxygen.
Step #6 was to cut a circle in a #10 can lid.  It holds the insulation around the 28 oz can and allows the fire to escape.

Step #7 was to fit the 14.5 oz can through the #10 can and the 28 oz can.RS8
Step #8 was to pack insulation between the #10 and 28 oz can, place the #10 lid and bend a few tabs over to hold the lid in place.

Step #9 was to place the shelf in the horizontal can.  Tinder goes on the top, and oxygen flows through the bottom.  The hole I cut in the #10 lid was too big, which is why you can see the insulation.  I need to do a better of of cutting the tabs next time, but I think it turned out pretty well for my first try.RS10

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Hacksaw knives

I made these two knives from a hacksaw blade. I wrapped the tanto handle in duct tape and the other one in Rescue Tape. I got the idea from Pinterest.Hacksaw knives

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