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Mason’s birthday ride

This was Mason on the third jump of the jump line.


This was Mason doing this wood feature for the first time.

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…years of daily journal writing.

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An unexpected trip

A sad occasion took us to St. George this weekend. Our friends lost their 13 year old son and we felt it was important to be there to support them. We miss you BH.   After the service and luncheon we decided to go to Snow Canyon.  This is us below the names on Pioneer Names trail.image

This is on Petrified Dunes.

Another shot on Petrified Dunes.image

We stopped at the petting zoo in Scipio on the way home so the kids could see the camel.image

St. George is quickly becoming a favorite spot for our children. They might love it as much as I do. The funeral gave us a chance to connect with friends, talk about priorities and spend time together as a family. I could feel God’s love as we heard stories and shared memories about BH, and remembered what a great kid he was. I could also feel His love as I took the time to quietly gaze on the magnificence of his creations, and know that He did all of this for us.

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General Conference Priesthood session last night

Back row: Cory, Kevin, Craig, Grandpa, Steve, Ryan, Kev and Reed.

Front row:  Wyatt, Tanner, Jeff and Mason.


Me and Mason at the Conference Center.image

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He lives

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