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Dollar Shave Club

DSCI joined the Dollar Shave Club over a week ago, and have been waiting impatiently for my razor to arrive. Our friend walked up the street to visit my wife and saw a package on the ground several doors down leaning against a mailbox. It was my razor. I wonder why the Postal Service is bankrupt. Maybe because they hire imcompetent people? I digress.  It was perfect timing because I needed to shave my face and head.  The razor was really nice, and at four cartridges for $6/month, you can’t beat it.  I switched from the Gillette Mach 3 to the Schick Hydra because of cost.  This is an even better option.  And their commercial is awesome.

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New wood berm

I’ve ignored my blog for about seven weeks.  Many changes have occurred, but I have to default back to mountain biking.  I rode this wood berm for the first time on Saturday, and I went back tonight with my GoPro.  I leaned in to it more tonight, and it felt great.  I don’t know what Cougar has named the trail, but it’s near the top as you head north back toward Juniper.  It is a fun trail.

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