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Swimming with sharks

My daughter wanted to swim with sharks, and my wife heard about Sea Base from someone in passing.  We looked in to it, and decided this would be a great Christmas experience.  My daughter and I went out the day after Christmas, hoping to snorkel with the sharks.  It was so cold that the sharks stayed on the bottom, and there was no way we could free dive deep enough to see them, so we waited for the scuba experience.  I asked her if she was more excited about scuba diving or being with the sharks, and it was about equal.  Same for me.  It was worth the wait.

The nurse sharks tend to stay in the same place, which is usually by a warm water outlet.  This is a video of a nurse shark swimming passed us.  That was unexpected and very cool.

It was a great experience, and it was nice to spend the day with my daughter. Experiences are so much better than things.

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Scuba Steve

My oldest daughter and I went to Sea Base in Grantsville yesterday. Her Christmas experience was swimming with sharks, but events conspired against us until now. Brian Snow was our instructor, and he has close to 1,000 dives at Sea Base. We watched our video, filled out our paperwork and suited up. We did three regulator drills, and I took in salt water on the first one. Gross. We swam through a tunnel to the main area, then began our descent. She had some difficulty with plugging her ears, but was able to work it out.

This is us at the bottom.

Here is a short video with one of the blue fish.

Here is a close up of the 9.5 foot long nurse shark.

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Lathe project

In December I went to Marty’s house to learn how to use a lathe. Marty has a great wood shop, and this was my Christmas experience. This is my practice piece. The wood was soft, so it was a bit of a challenge.  It’s obvious that this was my first time because the beads aren’t round and smooth.image

In January we started to make handles for an ice cream scoop. Yesterday we finished the forming and varnishing.  I decided not to add beads or grooves so I could accentuate the grain of the Zebra wood.  Not bad for my first lathe project.

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