Nitro Circus Live

We gave our boys tickets to Nitro Circus Live for their Christmas experience. We headed up early to beat the traffic, which included an accident on the freeway that we avoided. We hit the Gateway food court for Panda Express and Subway before heading in to the Delta Center. Do do not recognize the new name of the facility.

Goofy smiles, but a sick mustache.

Our vantage point.
photo (1)

We sat in the section next to this 50′ (3)

This shows how far they are jumping.
photo (4)

We were witness to some incredible things.  Jolene Van Vugt is the only female member of Nitro Circus and she holds the Guiness world record for the first female to land a backflip on a motorcycle.  She landed it last night.  Travis Pastrana broke his leg, so we didn’t get to see him do any stunts.  He was the first to land a double backflip on a motorcycle, and there are only a few others in the world that can do it.  We saw it last night.  We saw a triple backflip on a BMX bike and a Razor scooter.  We saw three people do a backflip on one motorcycle.  The highlight was watching Aaron “Wheelz” Fotheringham do a front flip in his wheelchair.  He was born with spina bifida, but that hasn’t stopped him from taking life by the horns.  He bounced on the landing and crashed, but went right back up and stuck the landing the second time.  It was outrageous to see how close the motorcycles got to each other when they did the trains.

It was a fantastic experience, and we hope to see it again.

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