20 years of riding

TrekI bought this Trek 850 mountain bike 20 years ago.  In the beginning I did a combination of road and off-road riding, so I was putting down miles.  I didn’t have a car, so I rode my bike to school.  I think I rode my bike every day that year.  When I moved to Utah I replaced the rigid fork with a Scott elastomer shock from BikeWorx in Orem.  I had problems with my headset, but the shock made a big difference on my first ride in Moab.  Then I replaced the Scott shock with  a Noleen Chubby LT, giving me almost 5″ of travel.  That made a huge difference on Porcupine Rim.  About 10 years ago I was able to pick up a Cannondale Gemini on Ebay for $1,600 off retail.  It was used and had some older parts on it, but I replaced those over the years.  Both bikes have served me well.

After 20 years of riding, I can’t imagine what would happen to my mental state if I wasn’t able to ride anymore.  Mountain biking is my favorite sport, and Utah is a great place to ride.  Hopefully I will have another 20 years of riding in my future.

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