Raising minimum wage is a huge mistake

Fast food workers walked off the job this week because they mistakenly think they should be paid $15/hour for working at McDonalds. Most employees making minimum wage earn that because they are high school students or unskilled/uneducated workers. These people do not deserve $15/hour for several reasons. People with a strong skill set and education are struggling to make $15/hour. There will always be an uneducated workforce, and raising the minimum wage only serves to erode the buying power of those that have worked to become educated or develop the skills to maximum their earning power. If Little Caeser’s has to pay $15/hour to their employees I will not be able to buy a pizza for $5. I would then have to pay $10-12 for the same pizza. People love to talk about the cost of living for those employees, but raising their pay severely cuts my pay. I earned a college degree and have held several professional licenses, which cost me a lot of time and money. Why should a 15 year old get a 200% pay raise and I get a 50% pay cut? I have worked to try and better my situation. What has the 15 year old done? For you hippies that want to try and bring up adults that work minimum wage jobs, most of them don’t have the tools to secure high paying jobs in a good economy. Rewarding this group with higher pay directly punishes me with lower buying power, not to mention the fact that $15/hour will only buy what $7/hour does now for all people.

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