No cancer

Two weeks ago I had a radical orchiectomy because of suspected testicular cancer. Three ultrasounds and three exams over several months told us it was the best course of action. The sample had to be sent to pathology, but they had to send it to Stanford. At that point we figured it either wasn’t cancer or it was a rare form. I was hoping for rare form so I could hit the talk show circuit and get a free trip to New York. Today my doctor called to give me the crushing news that I wouldn’t be traveling to New York. He didn’t think it was that funny when I asked when he was going to put it back.

Now I just have to be patient and heal from the incision. Yesterday was the first day I felt good since the surgery. Today was better, so I’m encouraged by that. I can take the stairs at work, and soon I should be able to walk without leaning to one side.

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