Tough Mudder- The Finish

After we finished Electroshock Therapy we were handed our orange headband.  Then they told us we got a black Under Armor shirt.  That was unexpected.  It took a while to connect with Dad.  Craig had tried to coordinate and have him at the spectator points, but it was difficult to know how long it would take us on the course.  I think he was went to Boa Constrictor after we met at the top and did Electric Eel, but we ran all the way down and finished Boa Constrictor before he got there.

This is Reed, Craig and Ryan resting at the medical tent while we tried to connect with Dad.DCIM100GOPRO

We had to take our picture with our shirts and headbands in front of the banner.With TM sign- finish 5

I think we all expected to be physically and mentally spent after we finished, but we all felt great.  The wait for the tram down was 45 minutes, and we were told you could walk down in 15 minutes.  Kev, Reed and I ran down so we could get to the Burton store in Northstar Village before it closed.  We succeeded.

We got back to the condo and I made everyone take a swig of Brainwash so our tongues would match our shirts.DCIM100GOPRO

We went to Burger Me in Truckee for dinner that night.  This is my victory Bison burger.
Victory dinner 1

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