Tough Mudder- explanation & beginning pictures

This is how the series of posts is going to work- I will do an entry per obstacle of the Tough Mudder from this weekend. Where possible I will use our pictures, but since we couldn’t carry cameras and Kev was mostly taking video with his GoPro, I will be using Tough Mudder pictures posted on Facebook to document the obstacles. I am not going to get through these all tonight since there were 19 obstacles over 10 miles, but I will try to finish a few tonight.

This is us in line to take the Northstar tram up to the staging area.  Reed, me, Ryan, Kev and Craig.


This is us by the Tough Mudder sign before the start:  Reed, Kev, me, Craig & Ryan.DCIM100GOPRO

We were nervous.  Craig lives in Houston, so we knew the altitude would be an issue for him, and we didn’t know what to expect from the course.  This is me and Kev at check in.  He had problems so he had to wait in a different line.  We think someone accidentally took his packet.  It was resolved, and we moved on.

Check in- Steve & Kev

This is how you should sign in.  This was my first time doing an activity that required a death waiver.  Awesome.
How to sign in

We were excited to get moving, and glad our start time was bumped from 8 am to 12 pm.  It was a little cold in Tahoe at 8 am.  Then the waiting began.

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