Tough Mudder

My brothers and I went to Northstar at Lake Tahoe for the Tough Mudder yesterday.  We drove out Thursday so we would have a day to recover and relax before the Tough Mudder.  This is us at the before the event started.  Reed, Kev, me, Craig, Ryan.  Craig lives in Houston, and the rest of us live in Utah.  We had spent time at Tahoe growing up, so it was nice to be back.


This is us at the end of the event.  The first five miles was uphill, and we had to walk most of that because the altitude change hurt Craig the most.  We expected the obstacles to be much more difficult, but they were really fun.  I will give a more detailed account in the next day or two, after I organize the 900 pictures we took.  We ran downhill for the last five miles, and I expected to be in worse shape than I am.  Maybe that comes tomorrow.  I was surprised how much energy I had left at the end.DCIM100GOPRO

This is us back at the townhouse we rented.  We just drank the Brainwash soda I have been holding on to for such an occasion, turning our tongues blue.


The Tough Mudder was a lot of fun. I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad I did it with my brothers as my team. It was great to spend time together with them, and I’m glad my dad went with us. It was fun to have the boys together, participate in a great event and eat great food.  I think my dad had fun, and we were all glad he was there to support us and spend time with us.

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