Timpanogos hike

I hiked Timp yesterday with Ryan, Reed, Kev, Cory, Wyatt, Kevin and Tanner. And our dogs Max and Molly. We started on the Timpanooke side and saw this moose and calf. I’ve never seen a moose up there, so it was pretty cool.Moose and calf 4

This is us at the Saddle.  Group at the Saddle

We decided to hike to the cabin and Emerald Lake, and we saw close to 50 mountain goats near the cabin.  I’ve seen goats up there before, but not that many.Mountain goats 3

We spend some time at Emerald Lake, then headed back when we saw these goats on the cliff between the top shack and the Saddle.  It amazes me that such a goofy looking animal can be so agile.Mountain goats on cliffWe finished our hike and went to Popeye’s for a late lunch.  I didn’t get to hike Timp last year, so I was glad to get the chance yesterday.  Having family along was a nice touch, since I usually do it alone.  We also saw three deer, so it was a  wildlife trifecta.

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