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Birthday surprises

From Sidnee, who had the nerve to go to the beach in Texas on my birthday.20130729-203528.jpg

From Raven, who made me a green lemon cake and brought it to work.20130729-203555.jpg

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Birthday sunrise


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Northstar Village

These are various pictures from Northstar Village.  Craig took this picture of Reed, Kev, Ryan, Steve, Dad.
Chair lift- all but Craig 2

Kev on the Burton bench.
Kev on Burton bench

Kev, Ryan and Steve.
Kev, Ryan & Steve at Northstar Village

Northstar Village from the street.
Northstar Village 1

Kev took this picture with his GoPro.

Shops at Northstar Village.Northstar Village shops

The ice skating/roller skating rink in the middle of the Village.Skating rink 1

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Lake Tahoe

Friday morning we drove to Lake Tahoe to swim.  This is near Sand Harbor.  Kev, Dad, Reed, Ryan, Steve, Craig.

Craig on the shore below the stairs of the previous picture.

The shore of Lake Tahoe looking left from my position.
Shore near Sand Harbor 5

The shore of Lake Tahoe looking right of my position.Shore near Sand Harbor 7

Me on the shore of Lake Tahoe.
Steve on the shore

After swimming we went to Tahoe City and ate at Fat Cats Bar & Grill.  Then we walked down to an overlook and a biker took our picture.  Steve, Kev, Craig, Ryan, Reed, Dad.
All of us on shore of Tahoe City 3

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Truckee festival

We left for Tough Mudder on Thursday so we would have a day to acclimate and relax.  We stayed at a condo in Northstar, so we drove a few minutes away to Truckee for dinner.  We came across what we thought was a jazz festival.  The lady in the Burton store said they hold the festival every Thursday night.  This is Craig eating Ahi or shrimp tacos.  We ate lots of tacos and ribs.Craig and tacos 1

Craig and Dad.DCIM100GOPRO

Kev was using his GoPro when we met this English Bulldog.
English bulldog 2

We found this glass blower.
Glass artist 2

This is Kev, me, Ryan and Reed when we got to the festival.  It was nice to eat locally and avoid chain restaurants.Kev, Steve, Ryan & Reed on street

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Tough Mudder- wrap up

Tough Mudder was awesome.  Some teams were super heroes.Avengers

Some wore costumes.
Crowd 6

Some were in shape, and others weren’t.
Crowd 7

Some were old, some were disabled, but everyone helped each other throughout the course.  Everyone one was there to do their best, not to beat other teams.  Everyone was united in a common goal.  Lots of people walked between obstacles, and we did on the uphill.  Then we ran on the downhill sections.

It would have been more difficult if we had run between obstacles and tried to get through as fast as we could, but it was more important to enjoy it, do our best and help those around us.  I’m glad I did it with my brothers.  It was great to spend time with them, and it was great to see each of them get through the obstacles that presented specific challenges.  I think we are going to try to do a Tough Mudder every year as a team.  That should build some great memories.

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Tough Mudder- The Finish

After we finished Electroshock Therapy we were handed our orange headband.  Then they told us we got a black Under Armor shirt.  That was unexpected.  It took a while to connect with Dad.  Craig had tried to coordinate and have him at the spectator points, but it was difficult to know how long it would take us on the course.  I think he was went to Boa Constrictor after we met at the top and did Electric Eel, but we ran all the way down and finished Boa Constrictor before he got there.

This is Reed, Craig and Ryan resting at the medical tent while we tried to connect with Dad.DCIM100GOPRO

We had to take our picture with our shirts and headbands in front of the banner.With TM sign- finish 5

I think we all expected to be physically and mentally spent after we finished, but we all felt great.  The wait for the tram down was 45 minutes, and we were told you could walk down in 15 minutes.  Kev, Reed and I ran down so we could get to the Burton store in Northstar Village before it closed.  We succeeded.

We got back to the condo and I made everyone take a swig of Brainwash so our tongues would match our shirts.DCIM100GOPRO

We went to Burger Me in Truckee for dinner that night.  This is my victory Bison burger.
Victory dinner 1

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Tough Mudder obstacle #19- Electroshock Therapy

The moment you’ve all been waiting for.  I think Dad took these two pictures.  We could also see this obstacle while we were waiting in line.  Seeing people drop from being shocked while you are about to start the event that will eventually bring you to this point is an interesting experience.  Kev was sure he was going to get dropped when we got to this point.  I was concerned about it too.  Electroshock Therapy 1

This is the view before you go for it.  Dad had seen people make it through by putting their arms up in front of their faces like boxers, so I did it and it worked well.  We all made it through without getting shocked to the ground.  Craig fell right before he made it out, but we think it was because he was leaning too far forward, and not from being shocked.  We’ll go with that.Electroshock Therapy 3

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Tough Mudder obstacle #18- Everest

Kev took this picture after we finished the course.  I think it gives a pretty good perspective on how big the quarter pipe was.  This was one we were anticipating because we watched people try it while we waiting in line to start.  DCIM100GOPRO

I don’t think any of us have ever tried to run up a 10 foot high quarter pipe, but we could tell it would be important to make the right choice about when to stop running and when to jump.Everest 1

This is what it looks like from the starting point.  We didn’t have to wait in line at this obstacle, so Reed took off and got up it easily.  Craig, Ryan and I followed, and we got up without any problem.  Kev was last, and he went so high he got his chest over it.  The staff will hose the obstacle down at some venues, but they didn’t here.  I don’t think I could have gotten up this by myself if it had been wet.  It was a good confidence boost for the final test.Everest 2

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Tough Mudder obstacle #17- Warrior Carry

Warrior CarryCraig and I took turns like this. Reed, Ryan and Kev used their arms to make a seat to carry each other. Tough Mudder donates money to the Wounded Warrior Project, so this was a cool obstacle to help remember our veterans.

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