Girls Camp- the crown jewel

Monday night I was able to go to Heber Girls Camp and meet my wife and two daughters. It was Raven’s fourth year and Sidnee’s first year at camp. Heber Camp is a special place, and it was great to be back there.

On Tuesday I did the hike with Sidnee and the other first year girls.  After the hike our girls went to the challenge course.  This is Raven on the zip line platform.  She had climbed up a cargo net and walked across a balance bridge to get here.Raven- zip line platform 2

This is Sidnee transitioning from the cargo net to the balance bridge. I got to see her do the zip line right before I had to leave for the overnight hike with Raven and the other fourth year girls. Sid- balance bridge

The overnight hike was a pretty tough climb, but the girls did well. We ate tinfoil dinners, and I slept in my hammock. We saw two spiked deer on the way back to camp the next morning.

On Wednesday the girls went to the lake and got to play in the canoes.

Thursday I spent the morning in the kitchen helping with breakfast, wearing my cape and quoting movies. It was fun to goof around with Trish, Brittany and the other women.

A great thing about Heber Camp is the wildlife. I saw multiple deer most days. On the way out I saw a doe with a young baby on the side of the road.

Today several of the girls were asked to share their testimonies. Many of them had great experiences with quiet time in the woods. It was inspiring to hear how several of them came to better understand the Atonement and that God loves them and is aware of them. I feel like Girls Camp is the crown jewel of the youth activities in the LDS faith, and I’m glad I can be a part of it.

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