Mountain bike lesson #13- trails

This is overlooking Horsethief Bench on the Kokopelli trail system in Fruita, Colorado. I took this picture on our trip in October 2012. I love this trail.  I wish I could ride it every weekend.

The fire road I have been riding all winter is a mess.  Trucks have torn up the road and left big ruts that make riding slow at times.  While I would prefer to ride something like Horsethief Bench, Amassa Back or Ridge 157, at least I can get out and ride.  Riding a fire road is better than staying home.  I need to do a better job of keeping a good perspective in my life.  I haven’t enjoyed my fire roads as much as I should have.  I have to fight off negativity when things aren’t going the way I would like, and the longer the trial the more I have to fight.

I recently watched Hungry For Change, and that changed the way I see food.  One point they made is that the more we decide we can’t have something, the more we want it.  When we change our thinking and decide that we can have it but we don’t want it, we control how we react to food.  I love dessert and junk food, so changing how I see vegetables and junk food has been a change.  I’m trying to apply that change to other aspects of my life.  I don’t want anyone else’s life.  I want my life.  I want the people I have around me.  I want my challenges and my pending success.  I want my fire roads and single tracks.

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2 thoughts on “Mountain bike lesson #13- trails

  1. Great picture and only makes it harder to wait for our trip to Moab. This is one of the trails I had picked as a stop on the way to Moab. I ride a lot of fire roads and horse trails around my parts and seeing a picture of a trail like this makes me wish I had something like that nearby. I also see people riding in the city with nothing but pavement to call trails and lets me realize I’ve got it pretty good. Stay safe and keep on riding.

  2. Tim S.

    Awesome photo! And even better memories.

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