Mountain bike lesson #12- downhill

There is a section south of Flintstone that Mike and I used to ride before Flintstone was developed with the bike park.  This section used to seem impassible to us until Mike saw someone roll it, so he tried and he lived.  He showed me and I tried it and lived.  We don’t even think about that section anymore when we ride that trail.  Sometimes we get hung up on our perception of something and we can’t move forward.  Mike Both is glorious

I love to ride downhill sections because it is a challenge.  You have to pay attention on a trail like Flintstone or the jumps and drops will bust you up.  Flintstone is a great ride because I ride several miles to get to the other side of the ridge and ride up the back to the trailhead.  It’s a good climb and I feel like I earn the downhill.  I think of the climb as work and the downhill as play, but it’s more than that.  Riding downhill is not always easy.  Downhill sections can be fast and challenging.  There are times when I feel invincible and everything is clicking, and I ride hard on those days.  Then there are times when my balance or timing are off.  I usually don’t jump on those days.  That’s how my life has been over the last three years.  I’ve had times when I felt really strong during struggles, and times when I felt like I couldn’t take anymore.  But I’m still “riding” as it were, and looking for the beauty in the ride.

This is me on Holy Cross in Grand Junction last October.  I felt so good on that ride.  I rode in to this section, slowed down to pick my line, and rode it like a boss.  That was a fantastic road trip with Mike and Tim.
Steve rolling Gunny Loop obstacle

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