Mountain bike lesson #11- hills

There are a few hills by my house that are challenging and test my fitness level. One we call Goiter. It takes about 16 minutes to climb when I’m in good shape. It’s a grinder. Another is the hill with the tower. It doesn’t look bad, but it takes longer to climb that you realize. The third has a name I won’t mention, thanks to MB. It’s shorter than the Goiter, but more difficult because it is steeper and rockier. I usually have to take a break on that beast because it’s so hard to ride on my downhill bike, but sometimes I make it up in one shot. Sometimes I feel like I am in great shape to climb the hills in my life, and other times I feel like the hills won’t end. I love to push myself and climb hills on my bike, but I don’t like it so much in life. I somehow expect that life is going to be easier, but it’s not. I think I am stronger now than I was three years ago. I hope I am. The hill continues to rise in the distance, but I’m hopeful that the view will be worth it.

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