Mountain bike lesson #9- Max

Merry Christmas Max = PC sucksThis is Max when he was a puppy.  He is our first family dog, and he grew to be my riding companion.  I think I started to take him with me when he was about two.  We had some rough patches when he would take off and sniff other dogs and ignore me, but he eventually learned to listen to me and ignore them.  I took him out this morning for a cold nine mile ride, and he doesn’t care that it’s cold.  If he sees me get my mountain bike clothes and turns into a tornado.  He gets mad if I ever leave him home, so I take him as much as I can.  One thing I love about mountain biking is I can go alone or with other people.  It’s mostly alone these days, so it’s nice to have Max along.  It’s entertaining to watch him chase rabbits knowing that he will never catch one.

Overall I could go faster if I left him home, but it’s nice to have the company.  Max beats me on the climbs and I beat him on the downhill.  He is much more obedient and calm after a ride.  He needs the exercise and he loves being outside, so ride time is good for him.  Life is a lot more enjoyable when you have people to share it with.  Sometimes it’s a best friend, a spouse, or a child.  Like my rides with Max, sometimes I have to adjust things, especially if I am doing something with my kids, but it’s nice to spend the time together.  They make me laugh, and hopefully I am teaching them something along the way.  The ride is mutually beneficial, just like my rides with Max.

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