Mountain bike lesson #6- racing up the hill vs. enjoying the view

That first ride with Bevan in American Fork Canyon really turned me off to the area, but thankfully I went back in drier conditions and really liked it. I started to spend a lot of time on the Ridge 157 trail because it was beautiful and had a great mix of climbs, downhill and technical sections. There are a few hills that are a challenge, and I worked toward doing the whole ride without stopping to test my fitness level. It was a good test, but after surgery took me off my bike for 10 months I realized that I was racing passed my reason for riding in the first place. I love to be out in nature, and I wasn’t stopping to enjoy the view.

This picture is the type of thing I would see from the Ridge 157 trail.

AF Canyon

This is the view from Porcupine Rim in Moab.  It’s a pretty brutal climb to start the ride, so we always stop at this overlook to rest before we do the downhill section. Plus it is a beautiful view of the desert landscape I love so much. I reminds me of a Louis L’Amour book.Porcupine Rim

Stopping on Porcupine Rim made sense because we were tired and needed to eat before finishing the 17 mile ride, but I was missing out on other rides like American Fork Canyon. There is nothing wrong with stopping to enjoy what is around you. It doesn’t detract from the health benefits of riding. It probably increases it, and it makes it more enjoyable. It’s easy to keep pushing forward in life and miss the view entirely. Isn’t the view the point of the journey?

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