Mountain bike lesson #3- weather


This is me riding in December 2012. It’s snowing again today, and it feels like it did in this picture. I thought today was an appropriate day to talk about weather. I usually stop riding when the snow starts to fall or the temperatures drop in late fall or early winter, but in 2012 I rode until the end of the year. I put down a lot of miles in the snow, wearing shorts and a balaclava. The coldest ride I did in 2012 was 13 F. That was cold. The temperatures dropped even further and I decided to declare an end to the season. I rode once in January and a few times so far in February, but it just got too cold. It isn’t fun to ride when everything is cold. Even though I rode more than normal in 2012 there is still a season. Our lives have seasons. Sometimes the seasons are sickness or injury. Sometimes it’s a new job or a growing family. We can’t always do what we want, when we want, so it’s important to enjoy our beautiful experiences while we have them.

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