Mountain bike lesson #2- noise

Sometimes I listen to music when I ride. I have an MP3 player, but the earbuds wouldn’t stay in place very well, and I didn’t like to have my hearing impaired while riding. Now when I want to ride with music I will play in on my iPhone. Music is a good motivator, but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy nature’s silence. Sometimes I will ride without music so I can focus on something or so I can see if God has something to say to me. In December I was asked to speak in Church, but I wasn’t given a topic. I rode in silence so I could be given the topic, and He gave it to me. Tuesday when I was riding I chose silence and that’s when I discovered the connection between things I have learned riding and how they apply to my life.

There is a lot of noise in life. Some of it is good and some is bad, but it’s important to seek the silence through reflection or meditation. Some of my best ideas or discoveries have come when I turned off the noise. Quiet reflection gives us time to reset and focus. It’s good for our minds and bodies.

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