A great year to ride

This was probably my best biking year since I started. I bought a Trek 850 from Encina Bikes in Walnut Creek, California, in January 1993. It was a hardtail with a rigid fork. I decided that I could spend $400, and live with that if it ended up hanging in the garage. I had been using my dad’s mountain bike to ride along Contra Costa Blvd., and once I went offroad with my bike I was hooked. I moved to Utah two years later, and was excited to learn that Moab was only three hours away. I bought a Scott shock from a local bike shop that no longer exists, and that 1.5″ of travel made a world of difference. I rode that Trek until about eight years ago when I found a Cannondale Gemini on eBay that I could afford. That gave me a full suspension bike with 6.75″ of travel in the rear, and a Lefty fork with 4.25″. I later added a Marzocchi Bomber shock, matching the rear travel. It’s a heavy bike, but it’s worth the weight to have the travel on the way down.

This year I was able to put down 1,853 miles, which is the most I have done in one year. By far. This is my mileage breakdown:

Road rides: 66
Mountain bike rides: 103

January: 32.68 miles
February: 48.21 miles
March: 129.21 miles
April: 135.25 miles
May: 343.73 miles
June: 152.17 miles
July: 151.75
August: 86.99 miles
September: 225.35 miles
October: 234.15 miles
November: 144.73 miles
December: 169.34 miles
Total: 1853.56 miles

I rode more in December, which was just mountain bike miles, than I did in January, February, March, April, June, July, August and November. August was just lame.

This was Christmas Eve.

This was the snow on December 26th.

Other accomplishments:
Conquering the Flintstone teeter totter that gave me four stitches and broke my helmet.
Conquering the south Juniper rock jump that busted up my face.
Trying and conquering the upper Juniper wood feature.
Landing the big north Juniper jump five times.
Rolling the rock pile in the bike park.
Clearing the 220 Trail jumps.
Grand Junction road trip with Mike and Tim. That was an awesome road trip.

Pretty much my best year of biking.

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