Just a thought

I decided to go mountain biking this morning, even though it was 23 F. I was looking for warm gloves when I saw my rollerblade knee pads. I thought about wearing them since I crashed in the snow two days ago, but I almost put them back. When I started to slip I was glad I had grabbed them. It was so cold that the frozen puddles cracked but didn’t break when I rode over them. I got in a tire rut that was frozen, and I slipped trying to get out of it. On Monday I hit the ground before I knew what was happening, and slid across the ground. That didn’t hurt. Today I fell straight to my left knee. That could have been bad. It didn’t feel like a prompting when I thought about the knee pads. It felt more like my own thought, but it proved to be otherwise. I am thankful that I can walk normally today.

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