I am not as smart as God

That sounds like an absurdly obvious statement, but it is amazing to me how many people think they are smarter than God. I guess it all started with Lucifer thinking his way was better than God’s plan. Lately I have heard several people place their limited understanding above God’s omniscience. One person in particular stated that he “rejects a God that does _____________.” I tried to point out that he is seeing the situation from his limited, mortal point of view, not God’s eternal perspective. His response after misunderstanding my statement was “That’s real fair.” I could hear the three-year old temper tantrum voice, much like I picture Lucifer using. Life isn’t fair. Most people who like to use that argument usually mean that everyone should have the same amount of the same things. That is not true. That is Socialism. It is counterfeit to God’s plan. On the flip side, why are some people given great trials that teach them much and bring them closer to God? Not everyone has the same trial, so that isn’t fair. A loving God gave each of us our earthly suitcase for our trip, which included our talents, trials, mortal body and limited memory of the pre-existence. This trip was designed to help us complete our progression. We were at different stages of development there, just as we are here. Some are diligent in their learning while others are not. I don’t know all things, and I accept that I can pray and receive an answer to my prayer whenever I have a question. I may not know why God does some things, but I don’t need to know in order to follow and trust Him. I think we call that faith. Lacking faith and arguing about what is fair leads us down the path of destruction. There is nothing wrong with questioning, but using our limited understanding to condemn and reject God is a spiritual death sentence. I choose to acknowledge that I don’t know everything and follow Him instead of worrying about it.

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