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A great year to ride

This was probably my best biking year since I started. I bought a Trek 850 from Encina Bikes in Walnut Creek, California, in January 1993. It was a hardtail with a rigid fork. I decided that I could spend $400, and live with that if it ended up hanging in the garage. I had been using my dad’s mountain bike to ride along Contra Costa Blvd., and once I went offroad with my bike I was hooked. I moved to Utah two years later, and was excited to learn that Moab was only three hours away. I bought a Scott shock from a local bike shop that no longer exists, and that 1.5″ of travel made a world of difference. I rode that Trek until about eight years ago when I found a Cannondale Gemini on eBay that I could afford. That gave me a full suspension bike with 6.75″ of travel in the rear, and a Lefty fork with 4.25″. I later added a Marzocchi Bomber shock, matching the rear travel. It’s a heavy bike, but it’s worth the weight to have the travel on the way down.

This year I was able to put down 1,853 miles, which is the most I have done in one year. By far. This is my mileage breakdown:

Road rides: 66
Mountain bike rides: 103

January: 32.68 miles
February: 48.21 miles
March: 129.21 miles
April: 135.25 miles
May: 343.73 miles
June: 152.17 miles
July: 151.75
August: 86.99 miles
September: 225.35 miles
October: 234.15 miles
November: 144.73 miles
December: 169.34 miles
Total: 1853.56 miles

I rode more in December, which was just mountain bike miles, than I did in January, February, March, April, June, July, August and November. August was just lame.

This was Christmas Eve.

This was the snow on December 26th.

Other accomplishments:
Conquering the Flintstone teeter totter that gave me four stitches and broke my helmet.
Conquering the south Juniper rock jump that busted up my face.
Trying and conquering the upper Juniper wood feature.
Landing the big north Juniper jump five times.
Rolling the rock pile in the bike park.
Clearing the 220 Trail jumps.
Grand Junction road trip with Mike and Tim. That was an awesome road trip.

Pretty much my best year of biking.

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A bad idea?

photo (34)

I wasn’t sure if I could ride in snow that deep. As it turns out, I can’t. I got stuck in the field and had to hike out. The snow was still deep on the roads, so I pushed through the streets and sidewalks of the neighborhood for a five mile ride. I really had to work for it.

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Christmas Eve ride

photo (1)

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Awesome urban ride video

Fezzari just posted this video to Facebook, so I had to add it. I can ride like this when I play Downhill Domination on PS2.

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The end of the world ride

It was about 20 F when I rode this morning, but it’s the end of the world, so I had to go.  I rode the single track and took a lap at the Silver Lake pit.  It didn’t feel as cold as I expected.  It must be because the end is nigh.  So I sit here and wait.  photo (32)

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Just a thought

I decided to go mountain biking this morning, even though it was 23 F. I was looking for warm gloves when I saw my rollerblade knee pads. I thought about wearing them since I crashed in the snow two days ago, but I almost put them back. When I started to slip I was glad I had grabbed them. It was so cold that the frozen puddles cracked but didn’t break when I rode over them. I got in a tire rut that was frozen, and I slipped trying to get out of it. On Monday I hit the ground before I knew what was happening, and slid across the ground. That didn’t hurt. Today I fell straight to my left knee. That could have been bad. It didn’t feel like a prompting when I thought about the knee pads. It felt more like my own thought, but it proved to be otherwise. I am thankful that I can walk normally today.

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1800 miles

I wasn’t going to ride this morning because there was so much ice, but I decided to be a man. It wasn’t the most exciting ride because I as limited on what I could do with the snow. I took a few laps in the nearby field before attempting to ride south on my December trail. I had to turn around because I couldn’t get any traction in the snow. My average speed was pathetic, but I rode over eight miles in 28 F weather to hit my goal of 1800 miles. And I’m still wearing shorts when I ride. I didn’t have a mileage goal this year, so that was a pretty good effort. I haven’t ridden over 1000 miles in one year for the last 10 years, so this was cool. I did 66 road rides for almost 1100 miles, and 95 mountain bike rides for over 700 miles. I love it.

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I keep here the word “inequality” thrown around, and I’m sick of it. It’s used to describe gay marriage. Most states don’t recognize gay marriage, so homosexuals are not equal. Men and women have different strengths and weaknesses, so we aren’t equal. Women traditionally wear dresses or skirts to Church, and men wear pants, so we must be repressing women. They aren’t equal. God loves us equally, men and women, sinners and saints. The Atonement applies to each of us equally. But I think it stops there, or somewhere close. We aren’t equal. Men are typically stronger physically than women, with child birth being a glaring exception. I don’t think I could do that. Men tend to want to fix things. Women are naturally more caring and nurturing. That doesn’t mean we can’t learn those things, but there are tendencies for both sexes. When my kids get hurt I check for protruding bone or blood. I usually give them a hug, but if they are hurt and not injured we move on. My wife tends to be more concerned with their well-being. We both love our children, but we approach things differently based on our gender. My wife tends to be more spiritually open than I am. I really have to work at it. Except for protein shakes, she is better than me in the kitchen. I belong in the garage, but she does well there too. We have hung sheetrock together and she holds her own. I would rather fold laundry and she would rather mow the lawn, so that’s what we do. We are equal in our value, but we are not equal in our strengths, weaknesses and talents. It takes both of us to run our home and raise our children. We are equal in the sight of God, but not in the other ways I’ve described. And we don’t need to be. I believe this push for “equality” comes directly from Satan. He wanted us to be equal. He wanted us all to be saved. He wanted to take away our agency, or our law, and makes us all the same. Except for himself. For doing this great thing, for making us all equal, he wanted God’s glory and power. The fight continues, and it will only get worse. The screaming argument against righteousness will continue to be equality.

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Thankfully I won’t be here when this happens again.

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I am not as smart as God

That sounds like an absurdly obvious statement, but it is amazing to me how many people think they are smarter than God. I guess it all started with Lucifer thinking his way was better than God’s plan. Lately I have heard several people place their limited understanding above God’s omniscience. One person in particular stated that he “rejects a God that does _____________.” I tried to point out that he is seeing the situation from his limited, mortal point of view, not God’s eternal perspective. His response after misunderstanding my statement was “That’s real fair.” I could hear the three-year old temper tantrum voice, much like I picture Lucifer using. Life isn’t fair. Most people who like to use that argument usually mean that everyone should have the same amount of the same things. That is not true. That is Socialism. It is counterfeit to God’s plan. On the flip side, why are some people given great trials that teach them much and bring them closer to God? Not everyone has the same trial, so that isn’t fair. A loving God gave each of us our earthly suitcase for our trip, which included our talents, trials, mortal body and limited memory of the pre-existence. This trip was designed to help us complete our progression. We were at different stages of development there, just as we are here. Some are diligent in their learning while others are not. I don’t know all things, and I accept that I can pray and receive an answer to my prayer whenever I have a question. I may not know why God does some things, but I don’t need to know in order to follow and trust Him. I think we call that faith. Lacking faith and arguing about what is fair leads us down the path of destruction. There is nothing wrong with questioning, but using our limited understanding to condemn and reject God is a spiritual death sentence. I choose to acknowledge that I don’t know everything and follow Him instead of worrying about it.

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