Midnight Run (almost)

A quick history so it will all make sense.  On Thanksgiving I went riding with Mike Both.  We rode the Juniper Trail, then the 220 Trail.  I did the 220 drop in, and I had my best run on the 220.  I was feeling good and the weather was great.  I talked Mike in to taking my picture on the big jump.  I landed the jump, but something went wrong and I crashed about 10 feet passed my landing.  I thought I might have broken my collar bone, but once I stood up I knew it wasn’t broken.  I have some good scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious.  I did break my derailleur hanger, so I couldn’t go back and do the jump again.  Today I was finally able to get a new hanger, which I installed myself.  I rode up the street to see how it was working, and noticed it was a warm night with a full moon.  I promptly turned around, change my clothes, and headed out for a night ride with my Rad Racing T-shirt.  I didn’t have any other light besides the moon, and I put down 8 miles, finishing at 10:30 pm.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a November night ride before.  Awesome.

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One thought on “Midnight Run (almost)

  1. David

    Jealous. Should have called me.

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