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Midnight Run (almost)

A quick history so it will all make sense.  On Thanksgiving I went riding with Mike Both.  We rode the Juniper Trail, then the 220 Trail.  I did the 220 drop in, and I had my best run on the 220.  I was feeling good and the weather was great.  I talked Mike in to taking my picture on the big jump.  I landed the jump, but something went wrong and I crashed about 10 feet passed my landing.  I thought I might have broken my collar bone, but once I stood up I knew it wasn’t broken.  I have some good scrapes and bruises, but nothing serious.  I did break my derailleur hanger, so I couldn’t go back and do the jump again.  Today I was finally able to get a new hanger, which I installed myself.  I rode up the street to see how it was working, and noticed it was a warm night with a full moon.  I promptly turned around, change my clothes, and headed out for a night ride with my Rad Racing T-shirt.  I didn’t have any other light besides the moon, and I put down 8 miles, finishing at 10:30 pm.  I don’t think I’ve ever done a November night ride before.  Awesome.

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Red Bull Kluge

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How I know God knows me

I have been blessed to ride over 40 miles of mostly trail this week. Today’s experience showed me that God knows me and is aware of the things that are important to me but not necessarily Him.  I have looped a large valley every day this week in an effort to extend my rides to at least 10 miles.  It isn’t the most exciting trail in the area, but it adds up the miles.  Today I had the thought of riding through the Juniper trail system before heading to that valley.  After riding Juniper and looping the valley I was at 7.5 miles.  I debated finishing the way I had all week, or riding the Flintstone trail, which might be my last good chance this year.  I still wanted to hit at least 10 miles, but I decided to head for Flintstone.  As I left I realized that the thought to ride through Juniper had added distance that would most likely give me what I wanted.  I had not considered riding Flintstone when I started my ride.  I was over 30 minutes in when the thought appeared.  Riding Flintstone and hitting 10 miles in the same ride before the weather turns bad has no effect on God, but it was important to me.  I feel very blessed for the quality and amount of riding I have been able to do this year.  I conquered jumps and teeter totters that had bested me, and found the courage to try a jump that has scared me for two years.  And I got to ride in Grand Junction with Mike and Tim.  It has been a great riding year.  I am definitely riding on borrowed time with this good weather, which is why today came together the way it did.  I don’t think I would have ridden Flintstone if I hadn’t added the miles in Juniper.  It is a simple thing, but it reinforces the truth that God is never to busy or disinterested in our lives.  My ride today did not carry any eternal consequences, but he still directed my actions.

As I rode the Flintstone downhill trail I discovered that my balance was off.  I did not know this during my ride through Juniper and the valley, but I almost fell off the wood structure just before the skinny jump, the skinny jump and the teeter totter.  But I did make it through and hit the gap jump better than the last time I rode it with James Hoffman.  I didn’t do well on the jump that day, but today I was fine.  No lingering memories of near-failure.

This is what the teeter totter looks like from the approach.  It’s a pretty steep angle, which is what gave me fits the day I fell off.  Even though I had balance problems today I stayed on my bike and committed to the laws of nature and survived.

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More Juniper jumpage

After work I took my daughter to the bike park for a quick ride. I had her take this video from a different angle than this morning.

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Videographic proof

James Hoffman and I rode the Juniper Trail this morning. It was a little cold to start, but it felt great to ride in November. I had James take this video of me on the jump I first hit on Halloween.

This was my second shot, landing on my front tire first. Not the best way to go, but I still rode it out.

It kind of looks like a Nancy Boy jump from this angle, but those who have been out to the bike park know how big it is.  Anyway, I did it and now I have proof.

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#300 (+1)

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