Lunch Loop ride

Mike, Tim and I head to Grand Junction on Thursday night for a mountain bike road trip. We pulled in about 11:30 pm, and hit the Tabeguache trail system, which is also called Lunch Loop. We tried to ride here 18 months ago but got rained out, so we were looking forward to this trail system. We rode up for quite a while to get to Gunny Loop, which was a great technical trail. The rocky sections were full of great drops and jumps, and it was a blast to bomb down them. We rode to Miramonte Rim, which had a great view of the desert landscape.

I came up to this section and wasn’t sure if I could ride it. I paused and did a quick evaluation while balancing on my bike, then found my line. I rolled it here after Mike and Tim caught up to me.  It took a few minutes to get a feel for the technical trail, but I really started to feel it and pushed myself on this ride.

We rode from Miramonte Rim to Coyote Ridge, then to Raven’s Ridge and found this cool drop at the junction of Kurts Lane.  From here we took Kurts Lane back to the parking lot, hitting the rock jump and the bottom.  It was a great day of riding, putting down 15.5 miles of new technical trail.  It was a great way to start the road trip.

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