Energy bursts

I’ve been thinking about this idea for a while. I rode my first organized “century ride” two years ago with the Pony Express Century Ride, which was actually 112 miles. It was a windy ride and I didn’t feel like I did very well, but I finished. Last year and this year I rode alone for the last 60 miles. I had bursts of energy that I unconsciously used to increase my speed. I’ve thought more about it on road rides this year, pushing myself when the energy reserves seemed high. I have heard some people make the argument that you shouldn’t push hard like that because you will bonk once the energy reserve is gone, but energy depletes whether you use it or not. The same type of thing applies to other areas. Shortly after we moved I came home from work and felt great when I had been tired for days, so I hung the shelf in the laundry room and organized some stuff in the garage. I didn’t want to sit around and watch TV when there was work to be done and I felt up to the challenge. Especially in a workout setting, I will be tapping in to that energy reserves when it’s there, then coasting if necessary once it’s gone. Why waste the opportunity?

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