Changing of the guard

Bishop Goertzen was released today. He was called as Bishop of our ward when we split and became the 2nd ward 4.5 years ago. He was replaced by Bishop Laursen, who had served as a Counselor to Bishop Goertzen a few months ago. Bishop Goertzen did a great job, and Bishop Laursen will do a great job.

It’s funny to me that humans are so adaptable, yet we resist change. We are probably the most vulnerable species at birth, and our bodies aren’t protected from the elements like animals. We sunburn, and we get cold and wet. But we do have the mental capacity to create clothing and shelter, and overcome our natural shortcomings. Yet we resist change, even though it is a necessary and crucial part of life. Everything has a season, and God has given us the ability to experience different things and different times in our lives. It is so easy to drudge forward and not enjoy the things around us, especially as we struggle with trials and challenges. But I think life is to be enjoyed, and we should grab on to the people and experiences around us.

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