It kind of sounds like life- a recent conversation

We had six yards of concrete poured in our backyard and side yard this morning. The workers had to use wheel barrows to move it all, and they started before sunrise. After my ride I talked to one of the workers. I made a comment about how bad it must have sucked to have to move so much concrete in a wheel barrow since the job site was too far away to use the chute on the truck. He said, “It can be okay or it can be miserable. The important thing is the finished product.” I then stated, “It kind of sounds like life.”

I see so many people that are miserable, for many different reasons. Some are due to poor choices, others are due to doubt, and others are trying to fill the void with the wrong things. Lots of people want to play the victim and they want someone to take care of them. They don’t want the joy and satisfaction of being self reliant. They think it is the government’s responsibility, or their Church’s responsibility, but we know better than that. God expects us to be self sufficient and self reliant insofar as we are able. At times we all need help, but then we get back on our feet and move forward, helping others where we can. Because it is the right thing to do.

Anyway, it occurred to me that I could have been a lot more positive during the last two and half years. I tended to view my trial of unemployment as a punishment, not as a learning experience. Like the worker said this morning, it can be okay or it can be miserable. I was prone to feelings of misery and doubt. Why do we doubt the God who created us and everything in the universe? Because we are human and we are weak. But the thing that matters is the finished product. I want to try harder to be a better finished product.

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