September weather

September is an interesting month in Utah. You can’t quite tell if you are going to get warm days with cool nights, or if you get cold days that cut in to your biking time. So far we seem to be enjoying good weather and putting down more miles on the the bikes. Today I decided to change it up a little and hike in the foothills near my house.  This is a view of Utah Lake from the top of the hill.  It didn’t seem to be a hazy day, but maybe there was too much sun to get a clear picture.  This also shows Max, my travelling companion.  He would prefer to have me on my bike so we can move faster, but he loves to be outside either way.  We don’t have jack rabbits to chase in the house.

This is the view overlooking Kiowa Valley and Silver Lake. Silver Lake didn’t exist when I moved out here.  I can’t believe how much the area has grown.  I hiked up the Flintstone trail up about halfway, then took another bike trail to see what it was like.  After resting for a few minutes and taking pictures, I jogged down the hill for the house, a shower and a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.  It’s nice to have biking and hiking trails so close.  God put some cool stuff in Utah.

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