Independence Day

So I hate parades. Not as much as marching bands, but still. We went to the Melba parade yesterday, and my mode instantly changed when the Corvettes started to roll in.  I love this body style.

Then came the old cars and trucks.  This 1957 Chevy Bel Air reminded me of my uncles Rod and Ben.  They both had old Chevys when I was growing up.  I love this car.

Then came the tractor pull.  I had never been to a tractor pull, but it was pretty cool.  I’m not quite sure how the scoring system works, or how much the trailer weighs, but it was pretty cool to see these tractors tear it up.  It was pretty cool to see the old timers out there.

Old timer with a tricked out tractor.  How cool is that?

After the tractor pull came the chicken chase. The kids were divided by age, then the chickens were dropped and everyone went crazy. Less than half of all the participants got a chicken, but somehow our four kids and our friends’ seven kids each got a chicken. My second daughter had the chicken taken by someone else after she grabbed it, so she went to the ring leader to plead her case. He didn’t see it happen, so he couldn’t do anything. Another worker heard what happened and brought her a chicken. My oldest daughter had the same thing happen, and she was heart broken. Then they called her group back in and she conquered. She then traded her chicken to Tami’s friend for her rooster. I told her to name it Howsta, for Howard Stark. Or Alice, as in Alice In Chains. They come to snuff the rooster.

We returned to Melba later to watch the awesome fireworks. It was a great Independence Day. It seemed like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, how he fit so many things in to one day. Minus the Ferrari and pancreas. But I think it was one of my best holiday memories.

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