I got a quick mountain bike ride in after Family Home Evening tonight. I took my dog to investigate the burn area.

 This is on a small hill looking east over Saratoga Springs.

Several of my neighbors have posted things on Facebook, like shooters should have to carry insurance in case they start a fire while shooting. Their rationale is that drivers have to carry insurance. Should drinkers have to carry additional insurance in case they drive drunk? Maybe overweight people should have to carry additional insurance in case they get diabetes and cause my health insurance costs to go up.

Another person made a comment that discharging firearms should be illegal when there is a fire. Brilliant. There is a fire or other disaster and we can’t use firearms to defend ourselves. That worked out so well during Katrina. I can see not target shooting outside when there are fires burning in shooting areas, but stopping the use of all firearms in all situations is ridiculous.

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