Jazz vs. Mavericks

Last night I took my boys and a friend and his son to the Jazz game. Thanks Mike Both for the tickets. We rode Trax from Sandy to The Delta Center, because I will not refer to it as the other name. We arrived early so we each got a green Jazz fleece blanket. The tickets include a hot dog and soda, so the kids were excited about that. My youngest sat on the aisle and held on to his seat for dear life because he thought he was going to fall. He relaxed when we moved him inside the row.

At halftime a lady on a high unicycle tossed bowls from her foot to her head. She started with one bowl, then increased from two to five bowls at one time. How do you practice for that? Unbelievable.

The Jazz were winning most of the game, and we were a little nervous as it went to overtime. Dirk Niwitzki was having a great game, and I was concerned he might seal the game for the Mavericks. Then we went to double overtime. Then triple overtime. The Jazz won 123-121, and it was a great game. I saw the kind of heart the Jazz lacked 10-15 years ago. Hopefully the team can build on that heart.

Thanks again Mike Both.

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