The Hunger Games

My oldest daughter and I went to the midnight showing of Hunger Games at Thanksgiving Point last night.  She was so excited to see the movie that I put a countdown timer on my phone several weeks to track our progress.  The movie theater was packed.

The movie was true to the book, which was good enough that it didn’t need to be changed.  Tom Clancy wrote a great Jack Ryan series of books that Hollywood felt needed to be changed.  We all know that Hollywood has no clue about anything, so their opinion doesn’t matter.  I was impressed with how they dealt with flashback scenes and the Capitol city.

Jennifer Lawrence did a fantastic job of portraying the fear, despair and confusion of a teenager placed in a horrible situation.  She can act, unlike Julia Roberts who plays the same character in every movie, and she’s horrible.

Suzanne Collins wrote an accurate social commentary of things that aren’t so hard to imagine.  It’s not like we see examples of government neglect and repression around us, not to mention the superficiality of the Capitol city.

It was fun to be at a late night movie premiere with my daughter after eating tacos at Del Taco.

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