When I die

I look forward to a few things when I die.  No more back pain.  No allergies.  No more aches.  I look forward to seeing both sets of grandparents, and my great-grandmother.  I wonder who will be there to greet me, because I believe someone will meet me and walk with me to wherever I am headed.  I look forward to seeing what it looks like on the other side.  I look forward to seeing if I will have done any good in this world.  I especially look forward to seeing the influences other people have had on my life.  Many people have done things for me in secret.  I hope I can see who it was so I can thank them.  I hope I will be able to see the things that people did for me that I know nothing about.  Maybe someone has said something nice about me to another person.  Maybe someone has made a choice that benefited me without me knowing about it.  Maybe someone has given me an opportunity that I didn’t deserve.  I know many people were watching out for me in my youth.  Bob Sauter saved my life at Scout camp when I was 12 and almost drown in the river.  I want to see what happened behind the scenes and in the shadows that helped me along the way.  I want to see who was with me when I couldn’t see them.  And I want to see my friends that have already left.

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