Two years later

Two years ago I went to Invision Eye Health for an eye exam.  They dilated my pupils, making it very difficult to see.  I then went to my job at E*Trade Financial a block away to start my swing shift.  It was very difficult to see the computer, but someone was sending me an Instant Message as soon as I logged in.  I could make out the last name of our HR Partner, but I couldn’t read what he was writing so I asked him to call me.  He did, and asked me to come to the 4th floor conference room.  Nothing good happens on the 4th floor conference room.  As I approached the room I could see the Site Director through the glass door and I knew I no longer worked at E*Trade.  Due to the failing economy E*Trade had to cut back the management staff.  Several months later a Senior Manager was laid off, followed by a few more Managers.  I was surprised, but not shocked, given the fact that I had a feeling the prior summer that we were in for a major change.  I was given the opportunity to pack my stuff and say goodbye to my co-workers, many whom I have not see since that day.  Mike Both, one of my best friends, was out of the office when he heard the news.  Mike lives about six mile from me so we met up for a mountain bike ride in the valley between our houses.


I have had many highs and lows since that day, and I definitely have a better appreciation for the difficulties, anxieties and disappointments I have seen others face.  I have spent the last two years trying to figure out what is next, and therein lies the confusion and uncertainty.  I think I have it figured out now, but I have to execute and prove it.

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