Ghost of days gone by

It was June 27, 2011, when I got word that my close friend Theron had died.  It was a Monday morning, and I was in Dollar Tree when I got the call from Mike Both.  I could not believe it.  I had spent a few hours with Theron the previous Thursday night, so it didn’t seem possible.  I felt numb all day.  I had this song going through my head all day, and it has reminded me of Theron ever since.  Something about the music and lyrics just seems to fit.  Theron has two daughters and a son, and they are the same ages and order of my three oldest, so it hit a little bit harder.

Theron and I spent a lot of time together at E*Trade.  We worked together on the graveyard shift for a long time, so it gave us time to talk and screw around.  We might have sparred a few times, and we spent a lot of time pranking each other and our co-workers.

Theron and I were working in Washington, DC at the same time in May 2006.  We found a rooftop restaurant on top of the Hotel Washington that Theron wanted to try.  I wanted to skip it because I thought it would be too expensive, but Theron prevailed.  We ended up sitting with some students from Georgetown, and it was a fun evening.  The weather was great, and the view was even better.

A few days ago I was looking for a video to watch while I exercised, and I found the videos Theron made me several years ago.  I watched the one of the US Secret Service yesterday and today, and the SAS In Action before that.

Theron really was a great guy, and I really miss him.

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