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Finished product

Today I finished the micarta handles on my Tops knife. This was a factory second blade, so I’m not sure which blade it is. Based on the Tops Knives web site it looks like a Badger Pup. I used my belt sander to remove the excess micarta, and my Dremel to finish the fine work and carve the nitches to match the blade.
I nicked the blade a few times, removing the powder coating, but I will get better with practice. I like how the knife turned out, and it is a lot more comfortable with the micarta handles over the straight steel. I think I found a new hobby.
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A new skill?

Ryan and I went to the gun show on Saturday. We found some Tops knives blanks that we bought so we could attach our own micarta handles. Ryan made micarta with cloth material and fiberglass, so today we started on our knives. I used a black knife that I got from Uncle Sam’s this summer to practice on. We used Gorilla Glue to attach the micarta handles, then used my belt sander to grind down the excess material. This is how my black knife turned out.

This is my Tops knife in the bonding process. This knife is going to take more work because of the lines and grooves, but I’m excited to work on this one. I would love to design knife blades, and learning to make handles is a valuable skill.

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I Still Remember

It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since the 9/11 attacks. I don’t think I will ever forget what I was doing that day. Out of tragedy came countless accounts of bravery and sacrifice. The US Military is the greatest military force in the history of the world, and I support the sacrifice and difficulties they face every day. May they be blessed, along with their families.

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50/20 Hike

Last night at 6 pm I started the Boy Scout 50/20 hike- 50 miles in 20 hours or less. When I started I held a four mile per hour pace for the first six miles. Then I ran for almost six miles. This is a picture taken from Unity Pass looking to Eagle Mountain city center.

We took the long, straight road to the Tintic mountains. I sucked looking at the aid station light over 10 miles away. I got a blister on my left foot around mile 23. Luckily one of the support guys had gaffing tape, so I taped my foot, but I had to stop within 100 yards to adjust the tape job. I ran in to a herd of cows at mile 28, which was the turn around point. Cows are stupid, but they taste good. At mile 33 I had to tape my right foot, and continue on the endless road back from the Tintic mountains. It was a gravel road, and every rock seemed to pierce the soles of my running shoes. After I was done running the six miles, I was still able to maintain a four mile per hour pace until mile 33, where it slowed to two miles per hour for about 12 miles. My feet were sore, but I wanted to finish what I started. This is a picture looking back south on the road to the Tintic mountains this morning.

This is the tape job on my feet when I got home.

I was hoping to finish at 8 am, making it in 14 hours, but I pulled in just before 9:30 am, making it a 50 mile hike in 15.5 hours. I was the third person to finish. I was able to pick up the pace and even run part of the last four miles. One of the guys running the hike said 105 people started, but they were only expecting about 15 to finish.

My certificates.

I only a week long 50 mile hike with my Scout troop when I was 14. My pack was too heavy, and I didn’t know much about hiking at the time. When I heard about the 50/20 hike I knew I had to try it. I wondered if the hike would be more difficult than a 100 bike ride, and it was. I’m glad that I did it, but I’m also glad it’s over. My feet are nuked, and it will take several days to walk normally. But I still rule.
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