#40- My 40th blog post of the day

I’m glad I don’t look like this all the time. Those front rolls made me dizzy and hot. I wanted to do something cool for my 40th birthday so I wouldn’t think about how depressed I should be. How did I get to be 40? At first I only had a few ideas centered around 40, and when I got above 20 ideas I knew I could come up with 40 ideas.

I was going to do 40 jumps on my mountain bike but I was rained out when the thunderstorm hit. Maybe God didn’t want me to do 40 jumps. So I substituted the jumps with 40 jumps on a trampoline. I had a few things that I really wanted to do, like the 40 mile bike ride, kill 40 zombies, shoot my .40 S&W, eat 40 peanut M&Ms, 40 movie quotes, my 40 best life experiences, and 40 Chuck Norris facts, which I thought was pretty clever.
Special thanks to my oldest daughter for taking all the pictures, my second daughter for recording each activity, The Gibsons for lending their trampoline, Nate McArthur for lending his jump rope, and David Hoffman for his ideas on activities and time stamping each activity with a blog entry. This took four hours longer than I anticipated, but it was a cool thing to do. I’m glad I was able to do this.
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